The Right Perspective

It’s an external perspective

I don’t know about you, but I appreciate 3rd person perspective in games. Now sure, 1st person perspective gets up close and personal for many genres and does well in many respects. But 3rd person—well the details are in the angles.

The same is true of life. We see it from our own perspectives and oh how we own it. But what if there’s another angle, a perspective fixed on our life maps that will give us an advantage in this transient nature?

See, the 3rd person provides more insight, which can help that playable character. In like manner, there is a perspective that accomplishes this: God’s perspective.

No matter what you see on your own, your field of vision is limited. His view is true. He has those right angles—yes, indeed all of them. I used to play a lot of Call of Duty: Blackops, so camp out while I use it for a moment. The Killcam is a feature used to highlight the last action before victory or how you were put down. The latter is most useful. See, beyond how silly or infuriating that lag trap might have been, the Killcam reveals things as they really were! Knowing this, the tide of battle can turn in the opposite direction as new information breeds new decision making. Now think on an infinitely greater complex scale—God’s perspective.

God’s perspective is supreme

He sees things as they really are! That failed test, that random surgery, that bad separation and yes even that hacked gaming account don’t seem as troublesome from his angle of view. God is able to work through adverse situations for our good and for His glory (Rm 8:28). Nothing catches Him off guard. Cancer, divorce, lack and insufficiency don’t creep around the corner on God and they don’t have to for us either. It’s in the perspective. The absolute power of God holds His people!

Humility is the bridge of perception from where you are to where you want to go.

So yeah, we don’t know the end from the beginning, but God does! He has given us the same mindframe of Jesus to trust that God has the perfect angle for any situation. No matter what’s lurking around a corner, we win. If a Killcam can breed confidence in a 1st person shooter, how infintetly more the word of God. You have the evidence for what I’m speaking about. Just think back through events that appeared to be the end—and here you are. Even as I write this, I’m trusting God as He’s taking me through the storm of fear into what He’s promised me.

God’s perspective enables us to be proactive about moving forward in life. Whether you’re playing a game or facing a real situation, humility is the bridge of perception from where you are to where you want to go. Receive God’s presence in humility. See His strength clearly in humility.

Games mirror life a lot. Both are filled with unknowns and traps, seeking GAME OVER for you, but God’s input will bring you through these trials into the fullness of His glory! We trust Heads Up Displays (HUDs) in games to succeed. Why not trust Jesus Who knows the end from the beginning? Gaming has taught me by experience an important truth: I need greater knowledge outside of myself to make quality decisions. Jesus is the source of life. To trust in a sovereign God looks good from where I’m standing.

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