The Nintendo Perception

It’s not all about wooing with graphics.

Let's journey to an answer for the question, "Why do people love to hate Nintendo?"

Digital games are loaded with messages, too many of which that glorify sins—(joyful) murder, promiscuity, rape (game content and as a multiplayer colloquialism), thefts, etc. Yet when there's a lack of such, when a game's message is the complete opposite, there are many who scream foul.

Why are so many people seemingly anti-Nintendo? You can name rehashing titles as the root of the problem. You could name cheesy IPs (games) as the root of the problem. You could venture that its consoles aren't graphically on par with its competition. But all of these examples are masks of a problem beyond economics and social trends and GPUs. The truth is that people love darkness and Nintendo doesn't present enough of it at this hour.

Again I say, Nintendo isn't clean. One can find one of the aforementioned games on a Nintendo console. However, there's a difference in presentation and focus. Nintendo's staple titles have an air of innocence to them. The focus leans towards light-hearted entertainment. It isn't a price issue with parent's buying a Nintendo DS over a PS Vita. It's a message issue. Parent's sense safety with one console over the other. It's about perception.

What's in the Soul

But what good is perception, if one's heart has no truth in it or worse ignores the truth? People aren't really complaining about the company not venturing out for new IPs or a lack of "mature" games from Nintendo. Players are operating in darkness and are hungry for more filth.

Their perception is harsh and debase, because there's a heart problem. But what does the word of God say should be on our minds?

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, meditate on these things (Php 4:8).

When we play games that are the exact opposite, we plunge ourselves into a cesspool of sin and lead ourselves into a perception issue. Why? Because we distance ourselves from Jesus when exposing ourselves to such sin-filled messages. We distance ourselves from Truth. There's nothing mature about Grand Theft Auto, Hitman and Call of Duty.

Maturity has so little to do with age and everything to do with baptizing our minds in the truth of God's word. We don't need to be playing in the dark. Period. There's no compromise.

The games produce vulgarity for a sense of realism? What a lie. Playing such games only plant the seeds of vulgarity in your life, whatever form they would try to take. Causing players to run through a strip-club provides a sense of the underground life? What a lie. Seeds will been planted for a disrespect of the body and perversion.

Protect the Soul

I thank God there's a Mario Kart to be enjoyed. I want to be able to play something that isn't trying to exalt itself above the knowledge of God. We should never be at a place where playing Mortal Kombat and partaking of mutilation and the objectifying of people don't make us winch. You should never feel comfortable with playing a multiplayer game and now you listen to and conform to deplorable speech.

I enjoy the Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Professor Layton and Pokemon series. My favorite moments playing with friends are with titles like these. I applaud Nintendo and developers who know how to craft games in a manner that don't promote wickedness, even if a game addresses such issues.

I pray that game companies focus on what edifies the soul, not rips it apart. Because if the focus shifts on selling sin to compete, the company will fail (Ga 6:7-8).

If we continue to entertain what's not good, it will begin to strip us of our good qualities and morals. By our own hands, we remove God's grace (His divine power which is able to keep us and steer is in the righteous direction) from working in our lives. Your faith and eternal residency is on the line.

Stop allowing these worldly media outlets tell you what's good to play and what's not; what's failing and what's not; what's cool and what's not. What to buy and not to buy. That's what God's Word is for.

They only focus on what they love to see. And the issues the people from these outlets are dealing with are speaking through their articles and trying to grab hold of our minds, that we should be dragged down together. I declare in the mighty name of Jesus, that it not be so. We are not subject to that.

Gaming isn't all about violence, sex, weaponry, idolatry, hate, nakedness, obscenities, sharp graphics, vivid colors and lots of explosions.

I challenge you to see what's in your game collection and weigh what's in it by Philippians 4:8. Anything that isn't accounted for by those words, get rid of it. There might be opposition, but that's okay. You didn't notice the struggle before, because you weren't fighting back.

Ask God to help you see the truth. If you don't have Him, pray that He would give you life. Ask for salvation. Break the perception. Sin is not good.

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