Stewardship of Gaming

Gaming takes money. Whether it’s the games themselves or the devices they’re played on, investment of finances is a factor in the activity. Are you aware that God is interested in how you steward His money? Well, by the end of the post you will be!

Hg 2:8 declares that finances belongs to the Lord—even yours and mine. So if we don’t own the money we currently possess, what does that make us? Stewards. Or if you prefer, managers. The point is that there’s accountability to God for what we do with money. This matters with gaming, because there’s a way God desires us to appropriate the wealth He’s given us.

Gaming isĀ an enjoyable activity when I do so with God and a money-pit without Him. As my joy is anchored in Christ, my gaming is brought under his Lordship. I find that I enjoy gaming more as I spend my time finding ways to be with Him and appreciate what He’s blessed me to have. When gaming has been my focus, I found myself chasing after it—I would find ways to hoard more, play more, spend more, even steal for gaming.

Whether you mostly buy add-ons in freemium games, buy/rent or have built a gaming-rig for yourself, you understand that it takes money. So, before you did any of the above did you check-in with Jesus about spending that money? Was that amount for you?

God spends a lot of time in the Bible dealing with money to teach us that it’s a tool that reveals the content of the heart. Show me your bank statement and I’ll show you where your heart is. I know is true, because at a point in my life I had a sizable gaming collection and was hungry often. It was poor stewardship.

God is a giver and as we receive from Him, His expectation is that we also give. On living the new life in Jesus, Paul says that receiving is ultimately for the purpose of sharing, to express the glory of God (Eph 4:28). Is your gaming collection something that was built by God, or is that collection your own creation? If it’s the latter, that’s poor stewardship revealing idolatry.

Besides money, what might gaming be costing you? Trust. God is a master accountant—He isn’t going to give a poor steward more money, to then spend on pleasures that you take joy in over Him (Jm 4:3). It may be God’s desire to bless you with that game to enjoy, but you are the one holding up the blessing as you have a hole in your pocket while battling a rouge habit (Pr 21:17).

Gaming could also be costing your focus. Leisure is a need. We aren’t machines. But our priority is God and God alone—everything else is to filter through Him. God designed you to enjoy gaming with balance. Jesus promises that as we seek God’s prerogative, He’ll take care of our needs (Mt 6:19-21). If you find the balance in your life shredded and a lack of clarity in the direction of your life, maybe gaming needs to lose its place in your heart..

Above all, it can cost you eternal life. Do you love gaming more than Jesus? Are you storing up treasures here and neglecting the Treasure above all? If your heart is set on satisfying your lust for pleasure, it will ruin your finances, relationships, and soul. The games are fleeting—you go from one to the next seeking more pleasure than the last game could offer. If your heart is set on Jesus, the peace of God is your inheritable. A balanced life is your possession. Good stewardship will cause money to chase you, as God opens the windows of Heaven to meet your every need—perhaps even the leisure of playing a digital game or two.