Renewed Joy In Gaming

Reflecting something good.

With so much game saturation these days, it's not a rarity to see anyone of any background playing digital dames. Waves of players fall in line to join the latest trends and consume these apps, much without regard to morality & ethics.

But there's a more alarming issue—the vast array of games simply dont aim to glorify God. In such games, my joy in digital games falls short of serving my joy in Jesus. I want to unpack why that is.

See, this world belongs to and should reflect God. Our joys serve to be conduits of true joy. All things begin and terminate on God. This world belongs to God. Every good thing we have comes from Him (Jn 3:27). Games are God's idea.

The main purpose of gaming is not merely to be entertained, but that through its joyful activity we may experience the joy of seeing God in all of the good that games prove to be.

It's why trends are so depleting if you miss this point. Individuals are burning with lust for the next great app. They obtain it, rush through it, become empty again and repeat the cycle. Such games and actions don't point to lasting pleasure, namely God Himself. The death cycle of the gaming industry leaves a gaping whole in the people who seem to have to play everything that comes across their social media feeds.

Such games glorify aggression, pain, rage, violence and all manners of ungodliness. The games make these things the end point, but don't fill you with good things that help edify the soul.

All things begin and terminate on God.

What about Godliness, truth, social and economic justice? Is there ever the thought that by creating and sharing what pleases God, we can please and help others?

Our priorities are misaligned. We need the scales of integrity to stand even, instead of tipping over for the sake of escaping the mundane. Join me in prayer that God would raise up developers after His heart. That God will turn the hearts of people back from these gaming indulgences. That we discover gems in the market that are worth playing—that stretch the imagination and reflect true things.

Let's act and pray with great anticipation for what God has in store!

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