Purpose-Driven Writing

A shift in direction.

Thank you very much for using your precious time to check out this bi-monthly magazine, which I pray will truly bless you with greater understanding and awareness in the activity of gaming and more importantly of God. GAMeTILLDAWN continues to evolve as God reveals more of His plan and I want to take the time to share some of those changes with you.

Previously, posts were published inconsistently and didn't seek to challenge the reader to delve deeper into Christ Jesus. GAMeTILLDAWN is a magazine of focused on your growth in the eternal enjoyment of God and encouragement of one another.

This site is about helping you anchor your joy in Christ.

What started as a blogging attempt to correct what I saw as error in journalism (that mindset was error), has turned into a greater purpose—to assist the development of your relationship with Jesus Christ through a hobby you most likely cherish. The previous focus was too invested in games alone, which of its own has no merit in comparison to assisting your perception of them in conforming to God's will for your life.

So, this magazine format was birthed as a means to steward our appetites towards heavenly things. Now I pray that you have ample time to digest and wrestle with what's shared, for the glory of God.

The magazine exists to serve you in all the richness that God has provided in His Son, Christ Jesus. His glory and your growth take priority above all else with GAMeTILLDAWN. This magazine isn't here to worship gaming, nor to instruct you to become fans of games, nor to boost an industry's revenue streams, nor to cause you to be mesmerized by technology, nor any other agenda than God's.

This publication is about holiness—a word you may have heard and may not understand…yet.

This publication is about helping you place your joy in Christ and how that shapes the activity of gaming. God demands that you be satisfied in Him and reflects His supreme value by the radiance of His uniqueness, His glory.

Gaming is just an activity. I trust that it's God who has placed the desire in you to engage in the activity, in the same way God has placed the desire in others to enjoy music, movies, reading, etc. Because we live in a sinful world, we have to be on guard especially during times of leisure. We must always look to God as the source of our life, our joy and our purpose.

God has given purpose in your gaming—you must have the desire to know what that is for His name's sake. Some of us are just consumers and God has called each of us to be more than that. Many of us are called to write, song-write, play instruments, create art, program, design, manage and many other things to show How majestic He is. The point is, what you play, why you play and when you play are of great importance and consequence to God. What will you take joy in most?

I hope you've come prepared to learn, to share yourself, be instructed and to find what your purpose in gaming is. Let's enjoy the activity, so long as we look to God always as our supreme joy.

Thank you for joining this journey. You wouldn't be here if not for God's divine purpose for you.

I pray you are forever changed for the best that God has called you to be and that you grow in your honor of Him.

By Jesus,


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