Do You Play Tetris Like This?

I came across this video, thinking I knew what Tetris was, but after seeing this mastery over falling polygons, I knew too little. I’m not sure if the blocks have a pattern that’s to be memorized, but even so the player here is stunningly good, making it all come together! Somehow, he became quicker and retained his accuracy up to┬áthe end—even working with an invisible playing field! Wow!

This display of Tetris talent sent me into praise of God —how awesome it is that He’s blessed someone with the mind and reflexes to grow a skill. If God has blessed someone with that, imagine the His mastery over all things. The game itself speaks to the beauty of God with its elegance. It’s crafted with simple interactions, yet yields depth in its gameplay.

So what did I see while watching this humorous and sensational video? I saw Jesus’s mastery over our lives. He intricately knows each and every detail from start to finish (Ps 139:1-6). He fits all of our pieces together, even when they don’t appear to work together (Rm 8:28). Along the way, He’s making room in sanctification, removing more and more of the old nature that hinders our call upward. This is what the Holy Spirit imparted to me while watching Tetris.