A Few Paragraphs About 7 Little Words

Spelling has its rewards.

I've been playing many different genres of digital games of late, notwithstanding word games. This is where 7 Little Words comes into focus. The challenge is tackling each puzzle. Each consists of seven mystery words, the goal being to decipher the letter groupings to reveal the mystery words.

It's a simple charm that 7 Little Words provides—it's entry point is easy and at the same time provides the exquisite pleasure of adding new words to my memory bank! I'm fond of language, especially the written word. Each puzzle handles it's difficulty well, in that there's always at least one word that is commonplace and short. So the task of completing puzzles can be done without hints and a thesaurus (maybe not the 'Impossible' puzzle pack).

I appreciate the sense of accomplishment each completed puzzle provides, while at the same time increasing my vocabulary. I’ve found myself using some of the unique words found in-game on this site and my everyday conversations. If only this game were around during my childhood, I could have been spared those dictionary sessions my dad so faithfully provided..

There are over 20 puzzle zones, each for $.99. So for an inexpensive buy, this free mobile game provides extra content that anyone may enjoy.

7 Little Words is an enjoyable mobile game sure to satisfy your gaming hunger and strengthen your vocabulary at the same time.

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