Not of This World

We’re called to be different.

At their core, digital games are about experiencing different worlds. The principles, atmospheres, experiences and characters compile to express the viewpoint of the developer(s). These expressions are filled with their hopes and fears, abandonment and convictions and you as the player interact with that world.

Yet you aren't of that world.

Scripture declares that believers in Christ around the earth, the Church, are not of this world (Jn 17:14). 

By the mercy and grace of God, we have come into the knowledge that we do not belong to the world we currently live in. Sure we play by it's rules like eating, sleeping, breathing, etc., but we're unique in that we can refrain from conforming to it's fallen state, retaining the standard God has set within himself for us (1Pt 1:15-16).

Walk according in the manner worthy of your calling.

When you were of the world, you were a slave to sin. Everything you did was anti-Christ. But by the power of God's Holy Spirit, you were made alive to God and are now dead to sin. You became a new creature and now have the ability to do the complete opposite and please God. And just like playing a game and the real you is on the outside looking in, you are hidden in Christ with a new worldview. You are in it, but not of it.

Games aren't perfect. When players spend enough time with one, they can see the glitches and errors—those breaches that corrupt the original design. So it is with whoever receives Jesus as Lord and spends time in God's Word—the breach of sin on this world becomes clearer.

We are not of this world.

God has given us this world to enjoy, not indulge—for indulgence leads to idolatry. Don't indulge digital games. Don't entertain those that pull you away from God. Seek The Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding (Pr 3:5). If God has called you out from the mediocrity of this world, this system, walk according in the manner worthy of your calling (Eph 4:1).

As so strikingly demonstrated while playing digital games, you are not of this world.

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