Plug into Prayer

A picture of an empty wall outlet against a navy blue wall.

How much time do you spend with your gaming habit trying to grasp joy? Plugging into prayer is a means to fix our joy problem. Jesus is the answer.

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From Glory to Glory

A picture of the digital game character Mario, in which he is represented as half of himself in 8-bit format.

There’s a great way to relate to the concept of “from glory to glory” in 2Co 3:18—it’s written in the code of games!

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Not of This World

A picture of a cityscape.

No matter what game you find yourself playing, remember that you belong to Christ and that your joy is not of this world.

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Joy Worth Sharing

A picture of a game controller with a share button.

Whether you’re a streamer, pro-gamer or whoever, be mindful of what you enjoy and make sure you take ultimate joy in God.

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The Real Console War

A picture of a man sitting in front of a static TV screen, in the dark.

Our gaming consoles are battlefields of our souls. Do we expand our worship by righteous things are do we indulge in sinful pleasures that degrade the worth of God?

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Purpose-Driven Writing

A picture of the Bible and a notepad and pen

We all have certain desires and things to pique our interests, all unique and all with purpose. Let’s reason together now, whether or not our draw towards gaming is within God’s will for each of our own lives or not.

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