God is Your Answer

God is Source. God is Answer.

John 6:1-15

This scene in John’s gospel account is supercharged with meaning and a challenge to us all—namely what’s your answer for the challenge you’re facing.

No doubt Jesus was thinking of the night of the inaugural Passover. Israel too, needed an answer for their plight. How could an enslaved people be free? The 10th plague revealed God’s answer: Without any resources, they had to obey, rest and trust God.

With Jesus overlooking a fragile crowd, he cleverly asked Philip about solving the issue with money, to which Philip argues the case that they don’t have enough money to feed such a mass. Then Andrew, another of the 12 disciples, brings the only thing present, one boy’s lunch. The stage is set and what happens next is breathtaking.

When Enough is Enough, in God’s Hands

Catch what Jesus does. He takes the lunch, thanks God for it and then proceeds to feed over 5,000 people with a grade-school lunch kit!

Now did you see the humility and faith on display? Just like that Passover night, Jesus tells the people to rest. Then he thanks (praises) God for what’s right in front of him, because in God’s hands it’s enough!

Money wasn’t available to step up to the task; it couldn’t solve the current dilemma. Israel didn’t have it to buy freedom; the crowd nor the disciples had it to eat. God was the answer and he used what was in his people’s hands to make it happen.

In reality, you need the favor of God to open up an even greater path.

Recall or check out the story on the Widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:7-16). She only had enough flour to make herself and her son one more meal before they died of starvation in the midst of famine. Now prior to this, God just told Elijah he’d meet a woman who would take care of him for a time. Is this really her?

Elijah tells her to make him some of what they are going to eat first, because God would make sure the oil and flour in her house would last throughout the remainder of the famine! There it is again. Rest and faith. God working through what was present. She didn’t have it to continue on. With empty cabinets, God became her answer and Elijah’s.

Or how about Elisha and the widow who’s sons were facing slavery for debt collection (2 Kings 4:1-7). Clearly from the worry she’s presenting, she definitely doesn’t have the money to absolve the debt. But Elisha asks her what she currently has in her possession. And all she has left is a jar of oil. So Elisha has her work out borrowing as many jars from her neighbors as she can, and behind closed doors pouring the oil she had into these new containers.

The oil she had multiplied and kept working until ALL of the jars she now possessed were full. Not only could she now pay the debt, but had surplus to use for her family to live off of! No more fretting. Obedient faith. God answered.

God is Looking to Answer You

Can we see what’s happening? Every instance, God not only is the answer, but a superior answer because he is looking to be called upon. There isn’t any need that he can’t meet.

I’m addressing the difficult situation you’re facing, because conventionally to meet it you typically need money (or your own). But in reality, you need the favor of God to open up your way. Money has its place, but we need to recondition ourselves to see God as Answer; the mindset that looks to him to solve the situation in the manner he deems fit.

This also applies to your desire—your vision. My family is living this right now. I’m right there with you. Even if you don’t know what to do with your life in this season, what is it that you currently have? Because God is able to take that and do wonders.

Look around you and take notice of what you have. Really look. Offer God a thank you. You might not be where you want to be yet, but he’s still working isn’t he? God can take what’s in your hands to change your circumstances. He can be trusted.

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