From Glory to Glory

Life is one stage at a time.

Progression—A movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, especially gradually or in stages. For Christians, this means becoming more like our Lord Jesus Christ—and we have an example of progression in gaming. Let's take a gaming principle and what the Apostle Paul shares to look at moving from glory to glory for the good life.

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord (2Co 3:18).

This is such a awesome comfort! I'm so grieved in those moments when I've erred in my thoughts and manners and allow the Satan's cohorts to speak discouragement into my mind. But in those moments, the Holy Spirit with one verse reminds me that God's glorious work in me is in stages, day by day.

God builds on what He established the day before, not slacking in His work at any point. So it's not a question of if I'm becoming more like Christ each day! I just need to receive the truth that I am.

So, what's at least a decent example of moving from glory to glory? Level systems!

Name any game with a level system, complete with characters, armor, etc. and you have an example of that progression mentioned earlier.

Through a series of processes, the character or object will increase in vitality and skills and armor forming a greater playable character than before. Each challenge successfully met will net greater results for growth. What was acceptable for your character at the outset of the game is no longer acceptable for your character 10 levels later.

Your favorite game doesn’t even begin to compare with the promise that God has given us in himself.

Oh you can leave the character where it is perhaps, but you'll trade that game in quickly for getting nowhere fast. Yes, you'll make that character reflect who you are and what you desire, based on what you've acquired. How much greater then, is God's image and power to make us into the likeness of Jesus Christ? He's perfect! He's complete! He already has everything you need to grow from glory to glory in Him!

The more you know how a game's system works, the greater results you receive. For believers, those results increase the more time you spend in God's Word and allow it to conform your image into what you see in its pages, Christ.

With digital games this process is temporary. Without a patch or update to the software, that experience is capped. But not so with Christ Jesus! The Bible says that it hasn't even been uttered what we will be, but we know that we will be like Jesus when He appears (1Jn 3:2).

It's not a fading glory like game upgrades or graphics or even what Moses had (as He had to veil His face after a little while from stepping out of God's glory). Because the Holy Spirit now has access to take up residence in us, it's a permanent change, escalating into Eternity!

We aren't responsible for the end result, the Lord is. That's the strength of the hope! As we spend quality time with Him, we become more like Him. The same image we see throughout His Word and the counsel He provides us is what we become.

You can think of your favorite game, never ending and always providing a greater experience and it doesn't even begin to compare with the promise that God has given us in Himself. If you're struggling today with where you are in life, then grab a hold of 2Co 3:18. Get with God on His promise to you and start moving from glory to glory.

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