God is interested in what you play

GAMeTILLDAWN loves the things God loves. Mt 22:37-38 sums up the way we should live—truly love God and then others through that love. This is a service for all ages and families who are connected in some way to digital games.  The focus is to help you grow (in wisdom and strength), aligning with the mind of God in understanding that nothing we do is separate from Him—yes even playing computer and video games.

This ministry is commissioned, by Christ, to aid people in understanding who God is and build their relationships with Him. This is about teaching us how to operate in God’s salvation for us and reaching out to others for the redemptive power of Jesus Christ through our actions (very important for you to understand that it isn’t of our actions). It may be difficult to make the adjustments He calls us to make in our individual lives. But as the Word says,

2 Corinthians 12:9(a) [quote]My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.[/quote]

Remember that it’s not in us that we turn towards Jesus, rather God’s Spirit is always Who we need to live holy before our Father.

Let’s set before our eyes and ears good things, remember God’s righteousness (Jesus giving His life to bring us to God) and allow the Holy Spirit (the only reason we can know God) to speak to us, even during our time of gaming.

Through the magazine, blog, speaking engagements, streaming, giving, etc., GAMeTILLDAWN will glorify Almighty God and strive to show God’s supreme value above all things.

Everyone here calls you blessed. Now receive it and walk in it.