A Hiatus and Painting

About what I’ve been up to in a while.

I’ve been wanting to write again with eagerness; much has happened within the few weeks where I haven’t posted anything and yet I’m finding it hard to begin the post! So this will be treated as a status update (no, I don’t have any social media accounts anymore).

I’ve been thinking about how the site should progress and have come to the conclusion that I very much like it as a blog. I don’t want to come off as a teacher or pastor or anything of the sort. Those are callings that should be considered with great care just like any other. I’m a Christian of over 20+ years experience walking with God and am still learning. I just want to share what I know, where I’m at and what the text actually says.

Because of resources like The Bible Project and The Naked Bible Podcast by Dr. Michael Heiser, I’ve found myself digging deeper in reading and praying over how I read and to my delight the Bible has yielded more goodies than I can keep up with.

With that in mind, I’ve been thinking over the Big Picture of the story of the Bible and if I’m presenting it faithfully or not; I think I have some tweaking to do in the hopes of God revealing to you just how relevant and dynamic his word is.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be unpacking these discoveries that aren’t new, just misplaced — they really do illuminate the work of Jesus and our response to him in a refreshing light.

I also want to branch out a bit and talk about other things that are important to me or things I believe a different perspective will help free people from certain debilitating thoughts and ways of behaving. After all, loving your neighbor is something I live.

Now to the paint

Here’s what I’ve been up to: painting. My wife and I have a desire to craft from wood and renovate small-ish houses. So the first step we took is painting apartments. My father-in-law gave us the opportunity to come aboard and learn the trade and it has been worthwhile.

We have learned about different paint types, the chemical make-ups, proper safety gear, tools, cleaning procedures, painting techniques and attention to detail it takes to run an efficient paint business. But the most joy in it has come from knowing that whoever moves into the apartment next was served in such a way that they never know what it looked like before.

Some of the apartments we serviced were just trashed — the walls and doors were just marked up, dinged, left with holes, etc. Painting is more than just which color is put on the wall, but also knowing how to repair doors and drywall to restore a place to like-new. It’s like reviving something that was dying to live anew.

I’ve always loved using my hands and have discovered that my precious wife also enjoys doing so as well. We’ve never been afraid of labor and so we’re even more excited for what’s to come.

I hope you all have been doing well and hope to get back on track with the blog. Until next time.

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