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A Hiatus and Painting

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I’ve been wanting to write again with eagerness; much has happened within the few weeks where I haven’t posted anything and yet I’m finding it hard to begin the post! So this will be treated as a status update (no, I don’t have any social media accounts anymore). I’ve been thinking about how the site…

How to Read the Bible

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And any other book for that matter.

Alive to God to Pursue Love

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Love is for this age and forever.

We Need to Do What We’re Anointed to Do

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Love others with your gifts


I heard a statement that changed my perspective on life forever — All of us share what we enjoy. I'd been gaming for as far back in my memory as I can think of. But as I thought of the various content I'd consumed over the years, I soon realized that it didn't help me live.

I think this way because of Christ Jesus. His purpose can be summed up as this: Repent, for the Kingdom of God has arrived! This Kingdom holds the value of God and neighbor in the highest esteem. This Kingdom challenges what we think we know about life and what we enjoy and how that reveals the quality of the heart. I find him most precious, so when I thought about what I played, the two didn't match.

The fun and escape that held my attention lost its strength. Life is worth living in love. So I traded in my kill-streaks of war, combos of embarrassingly-dressed females and self at the center of life to spend my time savoring another glory: God's glory.

What follows next are articles that, hopefully, reveal how relevant God is for our lives and how following him doesn't diminish our humanity; rather trusting God really unlocks it.


That's what GAMeTILLDAWN means.

Love God

Love Neighbor