Renewed Joy In Gaming

Our priorities are misaligned. We need the scales of integrity to stand even, instead of tipping over for the sake of escaping the mundane.

The main purpose of gaming is not merely to be entertained, but that through its joyful activity we may experience the joy of seeing God in all of the good that games prove to be.


Christians GO

Jesus has forever bridged the gap between

holy God and sinful man. Pokémon GO

is a good analogy of this reality.


Heroes Of Pixels & Polygons

Gaming often depicts digital characters as being heroes that save the day.

But the Bible speaks of heroism in a totally different way.

Are You A Hero?

Catalog Of Little Choice

With so much attention placed on how a game looks, might it matter to God what we play?


$tewardship Of Gaming

Stewardship is a common theme throughout the Bible and rightly so—how you manage the resources you’re given plays an impact on the life you lead.

What does gaming cost you? Consider your time, money, energy, relationships and life. All of it is to be managed to the glory of God. It’s time to weigh gaming in the balances and see if it’s helping or hurting your cause.