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Posted by on Feb 19, 2013 in Featured | 0 comments

The PlayStation conference 2013 is beyond current video games press

The PlayStation conference 2013 is beyond current video games press

It’s all about the Cloud

Yes, you heard correctly. Even GAMeTILLDAWN fell into this category. With all the hype surrounding the “PlayStation 4″, it’s hardware specs and the like, no one is really understanding what Sony is trying to say in its recent videos about PlayStation evolution and the PlayStation Conference 2013. Let’s ponder on what that means for the industry and the hardware cycle.

Playstation’s evolution is about service

In Sony’s videos, highlights span across the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Playstation 3, PSP and PS Vita platforms and stops. The videos focus on what each iteration brought into gamers’ homes. First came the CD, surpassed by the DVD, which was then usurped by the Blu-Ray Disc. Each iteration brought with it a focus on graphical prowess and integration into  online gaming with the PlayStation 3. So, what’s next? Sony has asked consumers to invest in the PlayStation 3, it’s Sixaxis controller, PS Eye, PS Move, software, PS+ and an array of other devices that the first two iterations could only dream of. With Sony’s PlayStation Conference 2013, will it ask consumers to forego all that’s been invested and start again? Will it relinquish it’s turnaround in sales and dip back into a profit loss for the sake of another piece of hardware?

We think not. Now, with all the hype and screen shots and speculation you’d think we’re crazy. You’d be wrong. So far, what’s beyond the technical feats of the Blu-Ray disc? Ultra Violet streaming. The PlayStation has mirrored Sony Motion Pictures every time it finds a new avenue to disperse content to consumers. So, why release another console that plays the same type of disc, that puts out the same type of content? Would you take a hit for that? I certainly wouldn’t. Sony recently pushed out an update of it’s PlayStation store and then proceeded to allow purchases to be made without the need for the console interface. Why? Agent P. answered with the stream offerings of Gaikai.

the power of playstation’s cloud service

Sony acquired Gaikai’s streaming service with a whopping $380 million dollars. What’s the point of spending that amount of money on top of spending another ridiculous amount on shiny new hardware? We don’t think they are. The PlayStation 3 “only does everything” is the company’s motto and it very well could do just that. The PlayStation 3 is a beast of a machine and can serve as the platform for Sony’s new streaming capabilities. It isn’t a far-fetched idea. OnLive is the blueprint for this idea. No matter it be OnLive’s interface, a PC or an Android tablet, the heavy lifting is taken care of by OnLive servers, needing only minimum requirements to use the service. I still don’t see the need to update Sony’s hardware, save the ram issue, but I do see the need to increase its software services and a new piece of hardware doesn’t seem practical for those purposes. The PlayStation Conference 2013 is more than console hype: it’s the evolution of Sony’s gaming services.

Gaikai’s Wiki page reports on some juggernauts of the video game industry riding the train to Sony’s new stream offering. It’s a thing. To support this idea, Sony has been releasing iterations of the PlayStation 3, quite a few in fact. Spending money in that regard seems pointless if you’re about to release yet another piece of hardware. And that hardware is nothing without games to play, which would incur another cost on the consumer; a consumer who isn’t thrilled at shelling out the purported $400 to $500 on another object to place under the television. Lastly, let’s not forget the PS Vita, which also compliments the PlayStation 3. We need to watch closely for its intended purposed going forward.

The PlayStation Conference 2013 is about the products you already know of

The pieces are in place. The stage is set. We hypothesize, based on recent Sony activity, that the PlayStation Conference 2013 is about the streaming service, not another console. Consoles bring with them limitations on older software. Sony’s future streaming service does not. My PlayStation 3 isn’t backwards compatible, Sony’s streaming service can be. Sony is enjoying the benefits of profiting, finally, from its PlayStation 3 sales; Sony’s streaming service can only add to those sales.

Agent P. got me thinking outside the box on this one and hope you will also. There is no Orbis domain, no PlayStation 4 domain, yet there does surface Sony cloud domains. The picture of the PlayStation controller is most likely nothing more than a link to playing PlayStation games through the PC. Why do you think you can purchase its games on the PC now? Think on that. The PlayStation “4″ could already be in your home. After all, it only does everything.

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